A Fresh. Honest. & Good Redesign.

Freebirds World Burrito

Fresh. Honest. Good.

New visual brand identities are big commitments – and a big undertaking. A brand refresh is more than just a logo; it’s codifying. A declaration that should be entered into thoughtfully and carefully. Visual identities and logos do not define brands; that’s for the public to decide. What they can do is provide a foundation for an organization to proclaim what it is and what it stands for.

We were up for the challenge. After the initial brand discovery research, we recommended an update to the existing logo and brand positioning to help appeal to a broader audience and begin to take credit for how they’ve always operated in preparing their food. Chef-inspired. Scratch-made. Wholesome goodness. All wrapped up in a burrito restaurant.

We embarked on a full brand discovery process to define who Freebirds is, what it stands for, and how to best represent its core values. Once we built the foundation with that information, the redesigned identity had a brand positioning statement to support.

In addition to the logo, we introduced a new tagline – We Prepared For This. – a mantra that speaks to the Freebirds Tribe, giving them credit for food and mealtime preparations and gives patrons a sense of comfort that their food is truly prepared, not just re-heated. While the design is new, the passion for serving fresh, scratch made food has not changed. Freebirds’ culinary creations speak louder than the decor and the new design best supports our belief that great people deserve great food.

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