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Maker's Crafted Malts

From Grain to Growler  
Saskatchewan-based Maker’s Malts was formed by a small collective of farmers who have decades of experience growing high-quality malt barley. The concept of a start-up craft malting operation was born out of the success of the recent Craft Beer movement. Seeing a disconnect between the needs of the local Craft Brewer/Distiller and the typical source of their malt supply, Maker’s Malts was born.
Maker's Malts is typically able to narrow their selection of malt barley to the top 5-10% produced on their local farms and delivering to local craft breweries. Literally allowing their malt to go from grain to growler puts them in the unique position to control the entire chain of production. This vertical integration incentivizes the entire agronomic philosophy aligning their farming practices to optimize barley quality rather than chasing maximum yields.

Maker's Crafted Malts


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