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Rebranding The Art of Living Well
Set amidst grand cypress and oak trees and surrounded by freshwater lakes, the 600-acre golf club community's natural environment provides an exquisite backdrop for those who enjoy the community each day. Thousands of trees and flowers, along with a collection of important sculptures and magnificent estates, line the streets of Isleworth, creating a stunning setting not found anywhere else.
We believed that there is equity built up in the brand, both in the name and in its visual mark. While there is equity, the logo and brand have been used without proper constraint and context as a luxury brand, making the brand feel dated, old and stuck in the past.
We suggested reframing the context of the Isleworth brand by creating structure and a set of rules of how and when to use the identity appropriately. While the logotype itself would not change, the colors, typography, image style, patterns, and icons would all be redefined and updated. Through this, the Isleworth brand is now seen as modern, high-end, luxurious and innovative.



Creative Director / Branding / Design