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Dais Technologies

Technology Provider for the 21st Century
Dais is a technology and communications provider bringing next-generation technology to homes, businesses, education facilities, healthcare settings, sporting events and hospitality and retail venues.
Dais is unlike the common cable and internet provider. They are a holistic technology company making complex technology simplified for life, work, education and play by offering the fastest, most reliable internet coupled with cutting-edge technology solutions and products that keeps its customers connected.
Dais has helped to establish Lake Nona as a model community with the highest technological standards. The Lake Nona technology infrastructure will be a key enabler for innovations in areas including healthcare, community safety, lifelong learning and education, intelligent workplace environments and innovation and experience incubation centers. In partnership with Dais and Cisco, Lake Nona was recognized by Cisco CEO John Chambers as one of nine “Smart+Connected” Communities for the 21st century.  

Dais Technologies


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