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Albany, The Bahamas

The making of the new Monaco in The Bahamas
The collective vision of its founders – Joe Lewis and private investment organization Tavistock Group, along with golfing greats Tiger Woods and Ernie Els and actor and musician Justin Timberlake – Albany features an unparalleled combination of surroundings, architecture, sporting amenities and service.
For more than nine years, I had the fortunate opportunity to play several roles pertaining to the design, creative and strategic direction of Albany's visual brand. I was responsible for shaping creative strategy and overseeing visual direction for Albany and its 12+ on-site restaurant and amenity brands. Some of which included branding, print and digital collateral, sales & marketing, real estate presentations, digital experiences like the resort app and exclusive special events.  
In this role, I addressed marketing, strategy, design and communication challenges by leading interdisciplinary teams to bring results that have an impact on the businesses and was a key creative leader contributing to the daily management of the creative staff, quality and tenor of the office, and the team’s creative work.

Albany, The Bahamas


Creative Direction / Branding / Print / Digital